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Advanced Dispersions for the Polymeric Industry

Our range of antioxidant dispersions are specifically designed for use in the PVC and polymer industry. These antioxidants function as chain-stoppers and help in the production of PVC, ABS or MBS polymers by improving the quality and colour of final PVC resins.

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Enhanced Polymer Qualities

Polymers are used in a variety of sectors, such as automotive, industrial production, and consumer goods. The use of water-based antioxidant dispersions provides advantages in handling, dosing and ease of emulsification whilst also meeting environmental acceptance and strict standards for regulatory and food approvals.

Our range of water-based dispersions and custom-produced materials including antioxidants, crosslinking agents, and accelerators extend service life and improve the physical properties of polymers. Our innovative products are formulated according to specific market needs to provide high-performing solutions.

Our Products

Determined to contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy, we are committed to supporting customers in developing sustainable solutions that can positively impact final applications and the environment.

Our water-based solutions can improve the durability and quality of coating solutions facilitating away from solvent-based systems and advancing sustainability goals.

As market applications and industry requirements continue to evolve, we continuously invest in developing applications and market knowledge to adapt to changing needs.  Our innovative solutions have been developed by our R&D team in close collaboration with our customers to create solutions that enable them to remain competitive.


Water-Based Stabilisers

Antioxidant additives interfere with the oxidative cycle, thereby inhibiting the oxidative degradation process. Antioxidants can be used effectively to improve processing, increase service life, and give better control when incorporating recycled materials, where the feed stock has gone through multiple heat cycles.

Aquanox 60 LV is an example of one of our water-based antioxidants that is designed for use in PVC polymerisation. Our experts can help you choose the correct product for your needs.


Enhanced Performance

Aquanox antioxidant dispersions help to protect polymers from oxidative damage. Our range prevents discolouration, degradation by chain scission and (or) cross-linking of polymers during processing, and high temperatures, ensuring long-term properties of the finished product are maintained.

Tactile Features

Not only do Aquanox products provide stability, but they also improve retention, the resistance of water and solvent elution in the finished applied system.


Where production processes allow the addition of additives in a water-based form, Aquanox antioxidant dispersions give the added advantage to customers of not having to handle powders and avoiding issues with dust.


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Zero VOC Content

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Film Former

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Low Viscosity

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Free of APEO Surfactants

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Increased Water Resistance

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Enhanced Storage Stability & Low Sedimentation

Innovation for Tomorrow

Innovation is important to our growth. Our philosophy is to develop innovative products that provide longstanding quality, whilst supporting our customers.

Our expert team adapts to the changing needs of the polymer industry and in turn, can make any necessary adaptions to specific applications.


Regulatory compliance is a critical component of the products we offer. Our dedicated team keep up to date with changes in the regulatory landscape that not only impact our manufacturing operations but also that of our customers.

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