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Our new facility in Broussard, Louisiana USA launched in 2023 and was developed to primarily supply critical components for the growing nitrile glove industry, establishing a key PPE supply chain base in the United States.

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The dedicated team in the United States brings extensive manufacturing expertise, ensuring the highest standards of production consistency.

Our experienced sales team specializes in specialty chemical sales and possesses exceptional application development skills, enabling us to gain a comprehensive understanding of customers’ unmet needs.

With a well-rounded team and knowledge across various downstream market applications, our R&D and Technical Service division provides unparalleled support to our customers.

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Aquaspersions Ltd. is established

Aquaspersions Ltd. was established in 1974 and, since its formation, we have built up an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality, water-based additives, for the polymer latex, paint, and adhesive industries.


Aquaspersions Malayasia is established

Aquaspersions Malaysia was launched in 1992 to expand our capabilities to the region, but within a few years, a purpose-built factory was installed to supply the APAC region with increasing volumes. This facility supplies an extensive range of solutions but has a predominant focus delivering dispersions to the gloves market.


We begin manufacturing in Rawang

Aquaspersions Malaysia moved to a purpose-built facility in Rawang, Selangor. The location is 30 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur with easy access to major roads and the important Sea Port of Port Klang.  The new manufacturing site and increased production capability ensures ease of supply into the local glove and rubber industry.




Halifax plant expansion

In response to increased demand and growing sales, we increased warehousing space at our site in Halifax in 2018.  The opening of additional warehousing helps free-up further space for further investment in 2019, with 25% increased expansion of production and manufacturing capacity.  These two major investments helped to further strengthen our position as a key supplier of aqueous emulsions and dispersions to synthetic polymer producers, users of natural lattices, and formulators of coating and adhesives.


Aquaspersions Ltd. is acquired by CBPE

Aquaspersions was acquired in 2021 by CBPE Capital from its founding family shareholders. The management buyout was led by our CEO, Dr Alan Bewsher, with the business continuing to operate from existing facilities in Halifax and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Aquaspersions begins manufacturing in North America

Aquaspersions Limited announced it is investing $7.5 million to establish a new production facility in Broussard, Louisiana, USA. The facility will primarily supply critical components for the growing nitrile glove industry, establishing a key PPE supply chain base in the United States and further strengthening our supply positions.

Securing a Consistent Supply

The years 2020-2022 put the global supply chain to the ultimate test.

During this period, supply chain disruptions were often not due to product unavailability, but rather the inability to transport goods across the globe in a timely manner. Aquaspersions recognised the importance of a stable and resilient supply chain and have embraced an “in-region for-region” philosophy.

By prioritizing local operations and reducing dependence on external global variables, we ensure a more secure and reliable supply chain. This proactive approach eliminates unnecessary risks and guarantees a steady flow of products to meet our customers’ needs with unwavering consistency.

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Aquaspersions US aims to understand unmet needs and translate them into new technologies through its experienced sales team.

Working closely with our colleagues in the UK and Malaysia, our long-term goal is to understand customer needs across the regions, prioritizing projects and supporting our customers to bring new solutions to market.


At Aquaspersions US, sustainability is a paramount priority that drives our actions. We are dedicated to actively managing waste, spearheading the development of eco-friendly solutions for the industry, and optimizing our purchasing strategy to minimize transportation and reduce our environmental impact.

With an unwavering commitment, we continually strive to minimize our footprint to the best of our ability, ensuring a greener future.

Our Locations

Aquaspersions was acquired by CBPE in 2021, which is allowing further investments to our manufacturing sites and capabilities.

Advanced production facilities are located in three distinctive geographical regions (Europe, North America, and Asia) that each specialise in developing and manufacturing our dispersions technologies.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with a continuous security of supply, worldwide, and invite you to explore the Aquaspersions facilities below.

Halifax, UK icon

Halifax, UK

Global Headquarters
Established in 1974

Rawang, Malaysia icon

Rawang, Malaysia

Established in 2003

Louisiana, US icon

Louisiana, US

Established in 2023

Quality Control

At Aquaspersions, quality is a top priority. We consider all aspects of the business including materials and processes to deliver high-quality, high-performing dispersions. All products undergo extensive quality control tests before they leave our production plants.

With industry standards and regulations undergoing constant change, formulators need to keep pace. Aquaspersions has a dedicated in-house regulatory support team who are always one-step-ahead of these developments and are available to advise and support on regulatory matters.

Culture and Careers

Aquaspersions US has a team first, customer centric mindset.

We focus on providing the best product and service while maintaining a high level safety and integrity. Nothing is more important than protecting the planet while providing the best possible solution to our customers.

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