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Aquaspersions manufactures high-quality water-based dispersions for the polymer, adhesives, coating, and packaging industries. Since our formation in 1974, we have established ourselves as a leader in the manufacture of aqueous dispersions and emulsions.

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1. Cross Linkers

Aquaspersions offer a variety of water-based crosslinking dispersions to be used in polymeric materials. Our range ensures the formulation of strong bonds, whilst providing coating formulators with enhanced performance properties.

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2. Antioxidants

Our expertly developed antioxidants at Aquaspersions enhance the performance of polymeric materials used across several different industries. Our range of antioxidants and stabilisers interrupt degradation processes in different ways, controlling changes in molecular weight to ensure that the polymer has the desired properties.

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3. Agents and Accelerators

At Aquaspersions, we are dedicated to developing and delivering innovative aqueous dispersions and emulsions. Our full line of dispersed and emulsified vulcanising agents, activators – and accelerator products can be used for the manufacture of highly durable end products. We are committed to improving product performance and providing formulators with exceptional technical assistance to support application development using our range of curative dispersions.

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4. Polymers

At Aquaspersions our range of AO dispersions is specifically designed for use in the PVC and polymer industry. Our solutions enhance the versatility of polymers to advance solutions in a variety of sectors. Specially designed antioxidants protect the polymers (ABS, PVC, PE, Elastomers) during processing and ensure products can retain their physical properties, colour, and appearance to extend product life.

Our antioxidant solutions add value and enhance versatility, facilitate handling and ease of use in applications whilst also preventing polymer degradation.

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5.Bio-Based Coatings

Aquaspersions is leading the way in sustainable chemistry for packaging. Our development of bio-based, waterborne dispersions deliver incredible ecological benefits whilst maintaining key properties for end-product performance.

Bio-Based Coatings
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6. All Products

For more information about Aquaspersions’ full product range of aqueous dispersions and emulsions, click the following link to access our comprehensive catalogue of products.


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