60% Speswhite Dispersion

  • Industry
    • Polymers
    • Rubber
  • Region
    • EMEA
    • NA
  • Application & Dosage

      Depending on application, typical addition rates are in the range 10-30% dry/dry in water-based compounds. Since performance is dependent on actual formulation techniques and polymers used, we recommend that this should be verified for each application. Shelf-life is 6 months from date of delivery when stored under recommended conditions in original unopened containers

60% Speswhite dispersion  is a stable, fine particle size aqueous dispersion of a high quality China clay. It is suitable for use as an opacifier, rheology modifier, functional filler, carrier, etc. in many types of water-based compounds, where use of powder is undesirable.

Product Features

  • Stable, fine particle size aqueous dispersion
  • Low viscosity, enabling ease of storing, pumping and dosing
  • Excellent colour
  • High brightness

Typical Properties

61 Total solids (%)
60 Active solids (%)
2000 Viscosity (RVT) (cPs)
7.5 pH
1.60 Specific Gravity
d75%<:<5.0 Particle Size (microns)