Aqualink 180

  • Industry
    • Coatings & Adhesives
  • Region
    • APAC
    • EMEA
    • NA
  • Application & Dosage

      Typical addition level is 5 – 10 parts addition to 100 parts of wet polymer dispersion.

Aqualink 180 is an aqueous dispersion of an isocyanate dimer which has been chemically blocked to make it stable in the presence of water. It has been formulated to have improved stability over Aqualink U and Aqualink U-HT and is recommended where finished adhesive is stored for prolonged periods or the coated adhesive is stored prior  to heat activation. It has been designed for use in combination with polyurethane dispersions and other water based polymers in the manufacture of one-part water-based heat activated adhesives such as membrane and 3D press applications and heat activated adhesive film and lamination.

Product Features

  • Supplied as a stable non-hazardous dispersion
  • Good stability when formulated with PUDs and other polymers
  • No mixing or pot life issues
  • Isocyanate activates at line temperatures of 65 – 70°C
  • Fast in-press crosslinking
  • Enhanced storage stability
  • Can be used to meet and exceed BS 6222/6250 heat resistance standard

Typical Properties

43 Total Solid Content (%)
40 Active Solid Content (%)
2000 Viscosity (RVT) mPaS
11 pH
d40%<5 Particle Size (micron)